0g Acrylic Bamboo Tongue Ring

Regular price $12.00

The small ribbing in the acrylic adds a look of bamboo to the barbell while retaining comfort.

  • Color- You choose color
  • Size- 0g
  • Length- 5/8" (16mm)
  • Material- Acrylic
  • Internally threaded
  • Price Per 1

All materials used in the items we sell are of the highest quality. In order to maintain this, we only order from reputable manufacturing companies and we check their quality certificates.

All our "steel" items are made from 316L or also called 316LVM Surgical Grade Steel. This type of steel is often used for things like biomedical implants. "316" stainless steel, also referred to as marine grade stainless steel, is a chromium, nickel, molybdenum alloy of steel that exhibits extremely good strength and resistance to any form of corrosion.

Titanium is usually preferred over steel because it contains no nickel and it weighs almost 50% less than steel. Titanium can come in plain polish which looks just like steel AND it can come in a variety of colors (but NOT red or black, unless the item is Titanium Plated, in which red and black are available). Titanium comes in different grades just like steel with Grade 23 (6AL4V ELI F-136) implant grade being the highest. Colored titanium does fade over time (but is not dangerous to your piercing). If worn in the mouth the color usually fades faster.

Acrylic jewelry is light weight and great for healed piercings. Acrylic should not be used in new or unhealed piercings. It should also not be used in newly stretched piercings. Be aware that this acrylic can not be boiled or left in heat/direct sunlight otherwise it risks the possibility of color fading, or cracking and breaking. This material also can not be cleaned with Alcohol or other harsh chemicals or it can crack and break the jewelry. Acrylic can shatter under extreme stress.

BioPlast: According to the current state of knowledge Bioplast conforms to all world wide standards on use of body jewelery materials. Bioplast™ is Biocompatible. Bioplast is flexible. Bioplast can be cut to any length and threaded by any metal ball closure. People pierced with Bioplast have less swelling and infections. The healing process with Bioplast is faster than that of other materials. No allergic reactions (no nickel). Bioplast can be sterilized by autoclave (up to 121°c.). Bioplast is one of the best materials for initial piercing. Although Bioplast has been tested and judged Biocompatible this does not guarantee its appropriateness for use in all people.